Thursday, February 18, 2010

Friday, September 18, 2009

کوچه علی‌ چپ

گزارش ایرنا را در مورد اعتراض مردم (کدوم مردم؟ اراذل و اوباش بخونید) به حضور کروبی، موسوی و خاتمی در تظاهرات روز قدس میخوندم، حضرات ولایت مدار حسابی‌ خودشونو زدن به کوچه علی‌ چپ، شتر دیدی ندیدی.

آقای رهبر و دارو دسته؛ این راه که تو میروی به ترکستان است.

Friday, September 11, 2009

مارادونا رو ول کن غضنفرو بچسب

وقتی‌ یادم به پستهای قبلیم می‌افته یا اینکه میخونمشون یه جورایی خنده‌ام میگیره که چقدر نگران حملهٔ آمریکا به ایران بودیم، حالا میبینم که مشکلات و مصائب از درون هست. یاد اون جوک افتادم که میگفت: مارادونا رو ول کن، غضنفرو بچسب. حالا بایستی گفت آمریکا رو ول کن احمدی رو بچسب.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

با عوض شدن دادستان کلّ کشور کودتا چیها یک قدم به میرحسین موسوی و کروبی نزدیک تر شدن. مساله اینه که اینا باور دارن که هر کاری بکنن هیچ اتفاقی نمیفته، مگه با اینهمه نامردمی که تا به حال در حق مردم روا کردن، خبری شده؟ تنها عاملی که باعث می‌شه اینها قدم هاشونو آهسته تر وردارن فشار افکار بین المللی و ملل دوست و برادر مثل چین و روسیه است. نهایتن حلقهٔ حصر و فشار را تنگ تر و تنگ تر خواهند کرد،

در چنین موقعیتی چه باید کرد؟ متاسفانه نقشهٔ طرف مقابل مشخص و واضحه، منتها آزادی عمل زیادی در مقابل اینها برای مردم نمیمونه. اینها خوب می‌دونن که مردم، قاطبه مردم را میگویم، از خشونت رویگردان هستن، و از این مساله کمال سؤ استفاده رو می‌کنن، وای به روزی که مردم به این نتیجه برسن که تنها راه ابراز وجود خشونته.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

This is extremely painful, Iranian people are stuck with a governing gang who believes that for the sake of their ideology, it would be fine to oppress people, lie and do whatever is deemed necessary to push its cause, I am seeing another revolution in the horizon, and that is very unfortunate, I desperately hope at some point the current governing gang realizes how destructive and dangerous its attitude and behavior is to the faith of Iran and Iranian people.
Unfortunately the guards are all over the place. They have tasted money and power,

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Thursday and Friday!
Thursday is announced a day of mourning, for people killed on Monday, of course by Mousavi, and he has asked people to come out in number in black outfits. He could have done it for Wednesday. The pace of events is very fast, and he should do things and decide quickly! why Thursday? this gives the hardliners another day to think and organize, now it is a fight against the clock.
Friday will be a decisive day. Very good or very bad, this is my guts feeling. Khamanei the supreme leader will be holding the Friday prayer, he craves to announce a tough and brutal stance against the protesters, but before he could do that, militia or guards should resolve the issue of demonstrations on the street. That is why I think time is important, hopefully people can sustain the pressure peacefully till Friday and as somebody suggested even during and in the prayer sermon. That would restrict heavy handed reactions from Khamenei.
let's see

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What Next?
When I look back to what happened after election, I can not stop admiring the clever planing and execution of this coup against Iranian people. Nobody could or did guess what was going on, and Ahmadi nejad staged the coup artistically.
One thing he missed though, was the unpredictable nature of Iranian Psyche. Shah, Saddam and now Ahmadi Nejad, non of these could get it right.
I am sure Iran won't be as before, even if the election results won't change.